Aluminium die casting

pressofusione leghe alluminio

Aluminium die casting

The FPT Pressofusione Tapparo company with premises in Gavardo, in the Province of Brescia, also operating throughout Milan carries out die casting workings using EN AB 46100 poured aluminium and five further types of alloys with a high aesthetic appeal and remarkable anticorrosive properties.


Die cast aluminium design


Poured aluminium die casting is always preceded by the design phase in which the customer supplies the design of the mould directly and places his trust in the technical office to produce it.  The FPT Pressofusione Tapparo company follows both these procedures in order to supply the customer with a service which meets his particular needs.


Our attentive and professional office of designers also provide advice and suggest modifications and enhancements to optimise the quality of the end product.  To ensure correct working, the die cast moulds must be tested with a prior sampling procedure. By adopting this working method we can carry out all the requisite modifications before putting the moulds into production.




After the aluminium or the alloys have been melted comes manual or automated workings.  The choice of one or other of these methods depends on the features of the mould to be produced.  At the end of the pressing phase, the specialist operators also carry out blanking works to remove feed heads which are subsequently used for the production of other molten metal. 

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