The large scale production of the FPT Fonderia Pressofusione is able to serve diverse industrial and merchandising sectors.  Among the customers of our Brescia based company are leading national and international brands who have been loyal customers for many years thanks to our efficient customer satisfaction monitoring system.

Our focus on innovation and top quality together with our attention to the price/quality ratio has made us, at FPT, a highly reliable partner for production and high specialisation.


Foodstuffs: medium runs, use of specific aluminium for products which come into contact with foodstuffs.

Furniture: limited runs, use of suitable aluminium for prestigious finishes and dedicated and attentive packaging as well as great attention to details.

Automotive: high level production, special attention to the technical features and quality.

Building trade: medium runs with great attention to the anticorrosive properties of the materials used.

Household appliances: high level production, insertion of moulded components.

Electronics: low and medium runs, great attention to cleaning the molten parts and to the fire resistance features of the coating paints.

Lighting: medium runs, great attention to the surface of the part, use of raw materials with anticorrosion, easy polishing and high mechanical working features.

Heating systems: products destined for areas with a high risk of explosions and fires, great care is taken in ensuring that the products are compact and the geometries exact in the design phase.

Industry: medium runs, suitable raw materials for mechanical workings and high mechanical resistance.

High precision: precision and medical instruments, special attention to the size and in the choice of the most suitable aluminium alloy.


Other sectors: FPT assists its customers in feasibility studies in the application of die casting for the production of components which in the past were produced with different processes, guaranteeing affordability, lightness, raised mechanical features and the opportunity of using special alloys and the production of complex geometries, all of which can be applied in the most diverse merchandising sectors.


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