Die cast metal foundry

FPT - Fonderia Pressofusione Tapparo is an Italian company which has been in business for many years specialising in the manufacture  of aluminium, Zamak and special anticorrosive alloy die casts.   Our company serves industrial sectors in Italy and abroad including the Automobile, Mechanical, Electrical, Household Appliance, Foodstuff, etc., sectors with production batches which range from hundreds to millions of pieces.

FPT ensures its customers of the highest quality processes in every working phase from the design right up to special finishes.  Every product is tested, documented, tracked and can be traced in real time thanks to our own software (at FPT every die has its own “identity card”).

High performance products, personalised service and exceptionally competitive prices are our company’s strengths which since 1969 has been a centre of innovation enjoying continuous growth.


- Competence (product, die and process)
- Transparency in customer rapports and offers
- Prompt deliveries
- Discretion
- Employee and customer loyalty
- Respect to the environment


FPT’s goal is to satisfy the needs of its customers whilst guaranteeing top quality products and the targeted costs for both large and small batches.


FPT is managed by the company founder, Albano Tapparo, and his two sons: Claudio, who looks after customer relations and Stefano who supervises production.  FPT heavily invests in training its personnel and values all of its employees through training courses required by the certifying bodies as well as personalised courses.

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