Aluminium foundries

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Aluminium foundries

The FPT Pressofusione Tapparo company’s aluminium foundries are modern and functional plants specialised for working and transforming this versatile and highly potential metal which is used in a wide range of industrial sectors.


Plasma cut aluminium for a variety of sectors


Resistant, ductile, light and hard wearing, aluminium has an essential role in the world economy.  It is used for component construction including the sophisticated components used in hi tech industries.

From hydraulics, mechanics, automobile to lighting sectors, this material is used for producing high precision die cast moulds, prototypes, elements and high precision parts in various sizes.  The aluminium foundries at FPT Pressofusione Tapparo, with premises in Gavardo in the Province of Brescia, specialises in the production of molten aluminium castings for cutting, shaping and finishing with specific workings for high precision and top quality products.


High technology for avant-garde casting


Casting using innovative methods is our company’s speciality and ensures we can serve customers in the territories of Brescia and Milan.  For this reason our company’s aluminium foundries are avant-garde with advanced functions, precise processes and certified in compliance with the regulations in force.  Our company uses only the very latest melting and modelling techniques to guarantee finished aluminium workings which conform to the very highest quality standards.

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