Raw materials / Equipment and methods

Raw materials / Equipment and methods

Raw materials


In addition to the 46100 aluminium generally used in die casting, FPT also uses 5 other types of alloys (with the best mechanical and anticorrosive properties) so as to fully satisfy its customers’ different aesthetic, mechanical and metallurgy requirements.

Equipment and methods


Our company has a surface area of 8,000m 2 of which 3,400 m 2 are covered and dedicated to:

• production (1,400 m 2)
• mould storage (600 m 2 )
• logistics (1,000 m 2 )
• offices (400 m 2 )

The machine park is made up of 8 presses with capacities from 200 to 800 tonnes.  To manage its production and quality systems, FPT uses proprietary software which offers flexibility and speed in adapting to IT and organisational requirements.


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